ComedyCity Presents Rogue Comedy Month 2023

Rogue Comedy Month is the much-anticipated event that promises a month-long celebration of unique and experimental comedy shows, starring the incomparable cast of ComedyCity Improv.

Originating as a special event during the pandemic of 2020, Rogue Comedy Month emerged with a daring series of off-the-wall online shows, capturing the hearts of comedy enthusiasts far and wide (because of the internet). Since then, it has evolved into a beloved tradition, pushing the boundaries of improv and showcasing the incredible talent of our performers.

From Friday, August 4th to Saturday, August 26th, prepare to be captivated by 14 distinct shows spread over 8 thrilling nights. Each evening promises an array of laughter, surprises, and inventive performances that defy convention. ComedyCity Theatre is set to be the epicenter of hilarity, with a schedule that guarantees something exceptional for everyone.

Here’s the slated line-up thus far:

“Super Game Show Mash-Up” (Friday, August 4, 7:30 PM)

ComedyCity Theatre presents “Super Game Show Mash-Up,” an electrifying event combining short-form improv games with elements of your favorite game shows. Join us for an evening of interactive fun as the audience and players compete together and against each other in ridiculous challenges. Get ready for a hilarious night of laughter and surprises at ComedyCity Theatre!

“Talent Show Talent Test” (Saturday, August 5, 6:30 PM)

Unleash your talent and creativity at ComedyCity Theatre’s “Talent Show Talent Test.” Join the fun as a group of contestants showcases their unique talents with the audience’s help, then take on hilarious challenges with loaded circumstances. This entertaining event promises an interactive evening of laughter and surprises for all ages!

“Pitch It!” and “Jokes!” (Saturday August 5, 8:30 PM)

Don’t miss the 2-for-1 showcase at ComedyCity Theatre, featuring “Pitch It!” and “Jokes!” In “Pitch It,” audience suggestions inspire a movie that doesn’t exist, while “Jokes!” offers an improv exploration of various joke styles. Get ready for an uproarious night filled with creativity, wit, and spontaneous hilarity!

“Teen Camp Showcase” (Friday, August 11, 7:30 PM)

Get ready for an uproarious display of youthful wit and boundless creativity at the “Teen Camp Showcase“! Join us for an unforgettable improv experience as a talented group of improv camp students take the stage to showcase the skills they’ve honed throughout a week-long course. Alongside their instructors and seasoned ComedyCity players, these young performers will delight the audience with their quick thinking, imaginative storytelling, and hilarious antics. Be part of this vibrant and energetic show, where laughter knows no bounds, and witness the rising stars of comedy in action!

“Improv Musical: The Musical 2” (Saturday, August 12, 6:30 PM)

Back by popular demand, “Improv Musical: The Musical 2” returns to ComedyCity Theatre. This unique show features performers crafting a full Broadway-style musical on the spot, based on audience suggestions. From rock to opera, prepare for an unforgettable musical journey filled with laughter and toe-tapping tunes!

“Her-Larious: A One Night She-Prov Show” (Saturday, August 12, 8:30 PM)

Celebrate women in comedy at “Her-Larious,” a one-night-only all-women improv show! Experience a showcase of comedic brilliance with performances by Erica Larsen, Emily Gowing, Amber Hasenjager, and more. It’s an edgy, energetic, and empowering night of laughter you won’t want to miss!

“Radio Roulette” (Friday, August 18, 7:30 PM)

Step into the world of live radio plays with “Radio Roulette,” where performers bring two radio plays to life with a live audience. The catch? They’ve never seen the scripts before the show begins! Immerse yourself in the magic of sound effects and on-the-spot performances in this thrilling radio play adventure.

“Comedic Neutral: An Improvised Dungeons & Dragons Campaign” (Saturday, August 19, 6:30 PM)

Embrace your inner adventurer with “Comedic Neutral, an improvised Dungeons & Dragons Campaign” led by Dungeon Master Conrad. The audience’s suggestions guide the journey as players embark on a fantasy adventure filled with epic moments and unexpected twists. Get ready for a night of fantasy, fun, and laughter!

“Storyverse” and “PuppetProv” (Saturday, August 19, 8:30 PM)

Double your laughter with “Storyverse” and “PuppetProv” at ComedyCity Theatre. In “Storyverse,” a cast of players creates a story from audience suggestions, then performs scenes in different styles. “PuppetProv” takes improv to new heights as colorful puppets bring your suggestions to life in unexpected and hilarious ways!

“Duos” (Friday, August 25, 7:30 PM)

Join ComedyCity Theatre for “Duos,” a long-form improv show featuring pairs of talented performers. Witness the chemistry and creativity of these dynamic duos as they weave captivating and comedic stories, providing a night of laughter and entertainment that you won’t want to miss!

“Audience AI” (Saturday, August 26, 6:30 PM)

Close out Rogue Comedy Month with “Audience AI,” an improv show where the audience controls the action. Your suggestions will dictate the scenes, scenarios, and outcomes, making each performance unique and unpredictable. Be part of the fun and experience the joy of improvisational brilliance!

“Tipsy History” (Saturday, August 26, 8:30 PM)

Get ready for a hilariously tipsy journey through Wisconsin’s history at “Tipsy History,” an unscripted improv show presented as part of ComedyCity Theatre’s Rogue Comedy Month. Witness as the talented ComedyCity players re-tell historical stories of the Badger State while some performers get progressively drunker as the night unfolds, adding a hilarious twist to the narrative. With a blend of comedy and historical re-enactments, “Tipsy History” promises an evening of uproarious laughter and a unique perspective on Wisconsin’s past.

Join ComedyCity Theatre this August for Rogue Comedy Month and immerse yourself in a month-long celebration of laughter, creativity, and unforgettable performances. With a diverse lineup of shows and interactive experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this comedic extravaganza!  Get your tickets here!


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