How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for Saturday’s Family Show (6:30 p,m.) are $10. Tickets for Grown Up Shows (Friday 7:30 p,m. & Saturday 8:30 p.m.) are $15.  Discounts for students, Veterans, and First Responders are available. 

Are tickets available at the door?

Door seating may be available but we suggest you arrive early as shows frequently have limited or no “walk-up” seating available. Purchasing tickets online in advance guarantees a seat. 

Can I purchase tickets by phone?

We suggest purchasing tickets through our online ticketing system on our website.  This secure process guarantees you a seat, leads to fewer errors with payment and is more secure.  

Do we get printed or emailed tickets?

No, there is nothing you need to bring for entry. Simply give the box officer the name on your reservation when you arrive. If you booked with discounted or free passes, we will collect those passes when you check in. Don’t forget them as if you don’t have them, we’ll need to charge regular admission prices and your seating may be delayed. 

Do you offer ticket discounts?

We offer discounted tickets for the following individuals (WITH ID). We have a “One ID, One Discount” rule – in other words, if other members of your party do not fall into a discount category, admission is regular price. 

Military, Veteran & First Responder Discounts – must present ID – $7.50 Family Show, $10.00 Grown-Up Show.

College Students (UWGB, St. Norbert, NWTC, etc) with CURRENT ID – Family Show $7.50, Grown up Show $10.


I have a free (or discounted) pass! How do I use those?

If you have one of our original “Green” Free Passes, please use the “Free Pass” option when booking tickets.

If you have a Free Pass that has a discount code, use the “regular” ticket option and enter your discount code on checkout. 

If you have a 25% off coupon, use that option when booking tickets.

If you are using college, First Responder, Military or Veteran discounts – please bring your ID with you (one ID per discount admission). 

Make sure to bring the pass with you. If you do not present it to the box officer, you’ll be charged regular admission and your seating may be delayed. 

“Stacking” discounts is not permitted.  

What’s the best way to book tickets for a large group?

We ask that one person make a reservation for the whole group and pay for all tickets needed online. Please understand we cannot offer refunds for unused tickets. Make sure to tell everyone in your group the name on your reservation so they can tell the Box Office upon arrival. This really is the easiest and most efficient way to book tickets for a group.  Also, try to arrive together…trust us on this one!

Can those under age 21 attend?

Yes, with some logical guidelines. Our bartenders will not serve alcohol to anyone under 21 even if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. (Yes, we’re aware of the law permitting this, but it’s our choice) Also, those under 21 are not permitted to hang around in the bar vicinity after the late show. We encourage high school students or younger to attend the show with a reasonably responsible adult. Most young people are well-behaved, but a bunch of unsupervised kids can be a recipe for chaos.  While we leave it up to your discretion for children attending our “Grown Up Show”, it’s also up to you to explain things to them at breakfast the following morning!   Grown Up Shows are rated PG-13 but may trend to “R” topics.

What if we need to change or cancel our reservation?

We permit changes or cancellations to your tickets up to 12 noon on the day of the performance. Cancellations after noon on show day and any unused tickets are not refundable. Please make sure to allow enough time if your plans include dinner prior to arriving for the show. We will seat late arrivals if possible, but we know you’d rather arrive on time.

Are seats reserved?

No, but don’t worry, the farthest seats from the stage are only about 20 feet back. Maximum capacity is only 70, so everyone gets a good seat! We recommend buying tickets in advance since “at the door” tickets are limited many nights. Our box officers will assign seats when shows are at or near capacity, so it always helps to book and arrive as a group.  

Where is ComedyCity located?

We are located at 365 Main Ave. in West De Pere, just west of the bridge. We’re in a row of cool buildings on the left. Just look for our decorated front window. Note that we no longer have an entry from the Nicolet Square parking lot. Our only entrance is on Main Ave. 

What time should we arrive?

Our box office opens 30 minutes prior to show times. We do not open the box office for 8:30 p.m. shows until 8:15 in order to allow the early show’s audience to depart and our team to prepare the theater for the next performance.

What if we’re part of a group?

It helps if your group arrives together so we can seat you in the best arrangement. Give your group name to the box officer when you arrive.

Does ComedyCity have a bar, snacks or food?

We offer an in-theater bar that services soda, wine, a selection of domestic and craft beers, and most styles of mixed drinks. Popcorn and theater candy are available for purchase. Carry-in food or beverages are not permitted.

Is there a drink minimum?

We have no drink minimums. 

Can we hang around after the show?

We welcome you to join us just down the hall at After: A Social Club.  It’s our companion piano bar with a great craft drink menu. It’s in the same building and open late…join a lot of our performers after the last show!

We went to the early show. Can we stay for the late show?

Yes, please see our box officer for our “Roundabout Special” which is 50% off! 

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept most credit cards and cash still works with us, too. We do have a $10 minimum for credit/debit card usage, and we do not accept cryptocurrency.

Are ComedyCity shows R-rated?

We keep our Saturday Family Show (6:30 p.m.) all-ages family friendly, while our grown-up shows on Friday (7:30 p.m.) and Saturday (8:30 p.m.) can extend beyond PG-13 at times. Our improv situations are based on audience suggestions, so we never know which directly that will take us. Let’s just say our adult shows might not be the best for youngsters, but hey, they’re your kids.

Are audience members required to participate?

Not at all. We hope you feel comfortable enough to help with scene suggestions, but you are not required to do anything beyond laugh and have fun. Our goal is make you look good and ensure you have a good time. Once in a while we’ll ask for a volunteer to help us on stage, don’t worry, we’ll make you look great and have fun!

Does ComedyCity hold auditions?

We do. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn, have fun, and laugh! We generally hold auditions in spring and fall in a group-style, workshop format so participants can play off each other. This also helps you learn how to be a team player in an improv format.

Does ComedyCity offer improv classes or workshops?

We do. Please watch this website and our social media channels for class announcements.  If you’re interested in a corporate workshop, please check out this information!

Will ComedyCity consider donating to our non-profit event, auction, etc?

We support many local causes with donations of show tickets. Make your request using old-fashioned snail mail and please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Our handwriting is awful.)

What are ComedyCity’s COVID policies?

  • The City of De Pere does not have a mask ordinance, but please wear a mask if you believe the appropriate use of masks pertains to you.
  • Please come another time if you’re feeling sick, under quarantine, or supposed to be isolating. Seriously, we’re not going anywhere and you can catch a future show.
  • We have hand sanitizer dispensers at numerous spots in the theater.
  • A negative COVID test or proof of vaccination for COVID-19 is not required. 

Other questions?

Please email us at [email protected] or call (920) 345-2600.

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